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Fort Walton Beach FL Home Inspection
Home Inspection: As with any investment, it's important to understand the condition of a residence when deciding to purchase the property. A home inspection includes the readily-accessible, visible components of the property - including electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, heating, built-in appliances, interior, exterior, roof, grounds, attic and foundation/structural components.
Scope: A home inspection is not technically exhaustive.
61-30.801 Standards of Practice, General.
(1) Home inspections performed to these Standards of Practice are intended to provide the client with information regarding the overall condition of installed systems and components of the home based on observation of the visible and apparent condition of the structure and components at the time of the home inspection and to report on those systems and components inspected that, in the professional opinion of the inspector, are significantly deficient or at the end of their service lives. A home inspection does not include the prediction of future conditions.
Experience: An experienced home inspector has the knowledge to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision; the inspection should be completed honestly and objectively by an independent 3rd-party, and comply with the State of Florida Home Inspection Standards of Practice and a Code of Ethics.

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  Fort Walton Beach Florida Home Inspector
  Wayne Moore
·  FL Lic. Home Inspector, HI-7584
·  ASHI Certified Inspector, ACI 2004 
·  Cert. Rehabilitation Inspector, SBCCI 1996
·  InterNACHI Certified Home Inspector, 2016
·  AL Lic. Home Inspector, HI-0019 (Inactive)
·  FL Lic. Community Association Manager (Inactive)
·  Reg. Environmental Property Assessor, NREP 1995
·  Cert. PCO - Termites-Household-Industrial, 1990
·  Commercial Real Estate Inspector, FREA 1996
·  EPA Radon Measurement Proficiency, 1994
·  FL Wind Mitigation Certificate, 2013
·  Lead Hazards in Residences, 1994
·  Asbestos Building Inspector, 1992

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